Mr Bigglesworth Nail Print Turquoise Granite Earrings

Mr Bigglesworth Nail Print Turquoise Granite Earrings


These one-of-a-kind earrings are made from polymer clay with Mr Bigglesworths nail prints in them.

Each pair of earrings is lovingly handmade by Mr Bigglesworth and his Mum.
They are exactly like Mr Bigglesworth “perfectly imperfect”, they have imperfections and every piece is original.



I recently started making Earrings as a hobby for myself, and took a photo of Mr Bigglesworth with them. I shared them on his Facebook and Instagram page and his fans suggested that I should do footprints of Mr Bigglesworth and auction them off for Rescue Centres. After a lot of trial and error we couldn't get the footprints on the polymer clay but we could get nail prints instead.
So I made 7 pairs and held a Silent Auction, the proceeds from the Auction are currently being distributed to Rescues around the world, which you can view on his social media pages.
It was such a success that I have decided to make more, but only a limited amount will be made in this style.

The Earrings will come Gift wrapped with a postcard of Mr Bigglesworth included.


They are 25cm round, made with black hypo-allergenic surgical steel metal - perfect for sensitive ears!


  • Avoid wearing the earrings when applying perfume, deodorant and hairspray
  • Remove your earrings when showering or going into the pool/water
  • Avoid dropping your earrings as the small parts may breakwhen not in use,
  • With prolonged use, make-up may stain the earrings and dust may be found on their surface.

To clean polymer clay earrings, use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently to remove dirt and dust from the earrings.