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Mr Bigglesworth the bald rabbit, Mr Bigglesworth the bunny, hairless rabbit, mr bigglesworth

Mr Bigglesworth's story

Mr Bigglesworth is a Rex Rabbit, who was born on June 30th 2017 with a hairless genetic disorder. 

On August 24th 2017 Mr Bigglesworth joined his new family. His new Family consisted of his new human mum Cassandra, big sister Maddy and big brother Joshy. 

His story so far….

Cassandra saw a local breeder advertising his siblings on Facebook and under one of the photo's was a sentence 'hairless not for sale'. She messaged the breeder asking to see more photos of the hairless rabbit as she had never seen one before and already had a rabbit of her own. The breeder sent her photos and told her she could have it 'for free, as it wasn't saleable' and he put down the last one.

The next day, she drove around to the breeders address and the little hairless rabbit was living outside with his siblings. The breeder gave the little frail hairless bunny to her and she took him home. When the little bunny arrived home, the family decided to name him Mr Bigglesworth. He reminded his new family of the hairless cat in the Austin Powers Movies.

It was a worrying time because his new family wasn't sure if he would live or die. Cassandra researched the internet about his condition but couldn't find anything. She put photos of him on her other rabbits Instagram account. The Instagram account was renamed to loafy_mrbigglesworth that night.

Cassandra was hoping someone in the rabbit world of Instagram would know about his condition and how to look after him. The news of a hairless bunny on Instagram quickly circulated. Within one week the media began to publish the story, The Daily Mail ran a feature. Soon other rabbit owners, from around the world, reached out to Cassandra to share their stories on their rabbits having the same condition. 

Cassandra learn't that Mr Bigglesworth parents have a ff gene (hairless gene) and if two rabbits are bred with the same gene they will produce a hairless rabbit in every litter. Most don't live past 4 weeks of age.
The stories varied for the other owners of hairless rabbits, some grew fine fur all over their bodies, some grew patchy fur and other's didn’t live long. It is still unknown what will happen to Mr Bigglesworth, for now he is happy and healthy.

As the story of Mr Bigglesworth continues to spread, he continues to win hearts. His family never anticipated the kind of response that they have received, from both rabbit lovers, and people in general from right across the globe. In fact, when Cassandra created Mr Bigglesworth’s social media accounts, she simply wanted to bring people joy through showing the world Mr Bigglesworth’s character. Even though he is different, he brings so much happiness to his new family, simply by being his happy, cheeky, bouncy, snuggly little self. Sharing Mr Bigglesworth’s photos and videos on social media has shown the world that differences need to be embraced, not shunned.  


Cassandra receives countless comments and messages daily about the impact that Mr Bigglesworth is making on individuals lives. Mr Bigglesworth is bringing smiles and happiness to thousands of people.

Since Mr Bigglesworth is the epitome of the outcast, most people connect with his “underdog” story and adore him for his endearing qualities. His loyal followers embrace his physical differences, and have fallen in love with his cheekiness and connect to his message; that true beauty comes in all forms and radiates from within. 

Sadly Mr Bigglesworth passed away from an enlarged heart on 11/3/23. We tried everything to save him and our family has suffered a massive loss.

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Mr Bigglesworth the rabbit, bald rabbit, hairless rabbit, mr bigglesworth, mr bigglesworth the bunny
Mr Bigglesworth the rabbit, bald rabbit, hairless rabbit, mr bigglesworth, mr bigglesworth the bunny
The night we bought him home August 24th, 2017
Mr Bigglesworth the rabbit, bald rabbit, hairless rabbit, mr bigglesworth, mr bigglesworth the bunny
Links about other rabbits in the Media with the same (ff) gene condition
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